The Coup D’etat In Niger Is Saving Grace To Nigeria: A Revelation By The Native Indigenous Hausa People Of Nigeria

By NewsBits

We as Hausa People of Hausaland in Nigeria love Democracy but only to the extent it administers Justice, Fairness and Equity to all people wherever it is practiced.

Recall that the eight years of Nigeria’s democratic rule under former President Muhammadu Buhari was an unmitigated disaster to us as Natives of Hausaland and Nigerians in general. Under him Security, Economy, and Corruption withnessed the worst ever deteriotion in the history of Nigeria if not the entire world.

Just because Buhari as a Fulani man was in power, the Fulani people had the free latitude to acquire arms and ammunitions, and flaunt them in public glare without consequences, rather the government made excuses for them and justified their bearing of arms and killing of Nigerians regardless of tribe or religion, but land grabbing for the Fulani, and their self arrogated freedom to commit Rape, Murder, Barbarism, Imposition of Cannibalism on Hausa people, and Burning of Hausa people Alive. All these evil vices under Buhari represented the Fulani’s concept of Democracy.

Also recall Buhari/APC’s propaganda against former President Goodluck Jonathan/PDP that they were the sponsors of Boko Haram and therefore had no capacity to tackle insecurity and economic problems of Nigeria. Not only did Buhari woefully failed in the areas of security and economy, he added to Boko Haram: Fulani Hersdmen and Miyetti Allah in the terror agenda of his government. Buhari as a known friend to the ousted President of Niger Republic Mohamed Bazoum was sponsor of the later’s presidential project using the funds and resources of the Nigerian government.

The interest of the Nigerian Fulani in the government of Niger Republic particularly the ousted President Bazoum lies in their plans to merge the Niger Republic and Northern part of Nigeria to form Fulani Colony and thereafter, mobilize Fulani from all over Africa to militarily take over Nigeria to complete the Fulanization and Colonization of Nigeria.

Also recall that Buhari hastily constructed Railway lines to Niger Republic and signed contracts to build refinery in Katsina and Niger Republic to supply the crude oil. Buhari also granted free visa entry to Nigeria for all Africans.

These are mere war strategies and logistics for the Fulani’s Planned war against Nigeria. The railways will provide free transportation for their procured militias across Africa while the refinery will guarantee them steady supply of fuels for transportation of their warriors and logistics through the Republic of Niger into Nigeria.

Buhari had hinted to relocate to Niger as his retirement home because of his faith in success of the agenda. The Fulani clerics are now all over media spaces in condemnation of the Nigerien Coup, but the same Clerics saw nothing wrong in the earlier coups in Mali and Burkina Faso, because Niger Republic is central to their Colonization Agenda over Nigeria.

This Nigerien Coup D’etat that represent a nightmare to Buhari, Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar and their fellow Fulani people, has put a wedge into their age long plans and dreams to takeover and own Nigeria as the Usman Danfodiyo’s Fulani Family Heritage. Their entire evil plans are foiled by the Coup.

These are facts the National Security Adviser to Present Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Nuhu Ribadu as a Fulani Man) will never permit the President to know. Therefore, any effort to restore Mohamed Bazoum to power will shoot Nigeria on her feet. This Nigerien Coup D’etat Is The Saving Grace To Nigeria.

Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami (For and on behalf of The Native Indigenous Hausa People Emancipator).

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