Turkish Airlines To Begin London-Istanbul-Port-Harcourt Flights

In a recent statement, the management of Turkish Airlines has said the airline would from June 24, 2019 begin London-Istanbul-Port-Harcourt flights, just as it disclosed that the airline airlifted over 75.2 million passengers from its more than 307 destinations in 2018 alone.

The Airlines’ General Manager, Abuja and his counterpart in Lagos, who would now take charge of Port Harcourt operations, Mehmet Asik and Yunus Ozbek in a joint press conference in Lagos at the weekend said the airline, plan to increase its fleet from the present 336 to 500 in the next four years.

The officials said the airline has also relocated its operations to the Turkey new airport in Istanbul, the biggest in the world, which would now serve as its operational hub. The airline said its fleet averages eight and half years, noting that it had rested the Boeing B737MAX in response to the two crashes involving the aircraft, but said that when the problem with the aircraft is corrected, it would be inclined to operate the equipment.

They said, “The fleet age is very important to us, Turkish airline fleet is one of the youngest in the world, the newer the fleet the more efficient it is, we operate to 307 destinations in the world, we have 336 aircraft in our fleet and in the next few years, we plan to increase the fleet to approximately 500.

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