War-Torn Ukraine To Send 125,000 Tons Of Grains To Nigeria, Others

President of Ukraine Mr Volodymyr Zelensky

By NewsBits

Ukraine said she has agreed to send 125 thousand tons of grains to Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and Yemen as humanitarian aid in compliance with the decree by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the country’s agro-allied service organisation, Ukraine Agro Consult, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry and the State Emergency Situations Service signed the decree on Thursday “on the provision of humanitarian aid to the countries of Africa and Asia.”

While the motive behind the decision was not clear, it could not be unconnected to the fact that the four countries are facing terrorism from terrorist groups which has subjected some portion of the population to hunger as they cannot farm peacefully. It further said: “the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1313 is published on the Government portal.”

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Service for Emergency Situations are tasked with providing humanitarian aid goods — wheat grains (not lower than 3rd class) and/or corn grains in a total volume of up to 125 thousand tons by delivery to the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Yemen, the Republic of Kenya, the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” it quoted the document.

“The resolution provides for the allocation of UAH 900 million to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (for the State Emergency Service) for the purchase and delivery of up to 64,000 tons of wheat grain (not lower than 3rd grade) and/or corn grain to African and Asian countries.

“It is emphasised that funds for the specified expenses will be allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget.”

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