2019: Nigeria Needs A Well-Educated President – Senate President

Dr. Bukola Saraki, the Senate President of the federal republic of Nigeria, was in Anambra State on Tuesday where he interacted with Anambra State chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to further seek support for his presidential bid in 2019. Dr. Saraki asked the PDP family in Anambra to take a critical decision in the 2019 poll that would save the country from its present situation.

He said Nigeria would need a digital and well-educated president in line with the global trend. He urged delegates of the party in Anambra to eschew sentiments and primordial considerations in their voting during the party’s presidential primary. Receiving a rousing welcome by mostly youths of the party, Saraki said Nigeria must be rescued from the hands of the current ethnic bigots and endemic sectional fanatics.

He said, “I came to seek your support for the presidential primary election, so I can emerge as your presidential candidate. Nigeria is at a crossroads, and we must redirect our country. People are asking if Nigeria is still one, many are not sure if they are still part of the Nigerian project. We need a president who is digital, a president who can move the country from this stagnation, one who can represent Nigerians without giving others seat and leaving others to stand.”

According to him, most countries of the world including Asian countries were not moving forward by accident, he said the countries were progressive because their presidents understood the need to have a good and progressive country that is devoid of ethnic sentiments. He urged the delegates that it was important that they elect a candidate who could hold the country firm and unite it to enable Nigeria live up to her full potential.

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