Boko Haram: Federal Government Is Insincere – Gov. Okowa, Rev Nicholas Okoh

Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, the Primate of All Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has insisted that the claim by the federal government of President Muhammadu Buhari that they have decimated Boko Haram is a big lie. He therefore called the government to stop deceiving Nigerians and take certain steps to document the insurgency problems, so that Nigerians can learn some lessons from it. The angry and disappointed man of God stated, “We have not decimated Boko Haram. Boko Haram, if they have been decimated, will not be disturbing people.

The Primate who spoke at the well-attended dedication of the Anglican Diocese of Abuja Bishop’s Court, yesterday also warned against the plans by government to grant amnesty to repented Boko Haram members, adding that it is not the right thing at this moment. Hear him; “I don’t know what class, because you know there are many classes of Boko Haram. If they have been screened, one would have expected that there would be a document to say this is why they are fighting, this is their anger, this is what Nigerians have done against them, this is why they have taken up arms against us. Without doing all these, we are just rubbing pomade on their faces and tomorrow, another group will rise up and do something nasty and ask for amnesty.”

The Anglican leader in Nigeria was also skeptical on the $1billion recently approved by President Buhari to be released for the purchase of military hardware when he said, “Everybody believes that that amount of money is huge. We are waiting for the weapons to arrive. I am not in a position to know whether the money would be used for politics or strictly for weapon importation, but we hope they will do so, because Nigerians are suffering.”

Also speaking at the same event, the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa condemned the alleged looters’ list recently released by the federal government. Rather than brandish list of perceived opposition politicians, the governor called on the federal government to publish the names of everyone who has looted while in office in the country.

Okowa urged the federal government under Buhari to be sincere and honest in whatever they are doing, adding that the list should not be limited to only one political party. He said: “Whatever the government is doing, they should ensure that names of every person who has looted in governance is released. It shouldn’t be limited to any party or done in a manner that Nigerians will begin to have doubts because, looking at the list, you can say it is one-sided and I believe we must be sincere and honest in everything we do and ensure the right thing is done.”

Okowa decried the high level of insecurity in the country, which he said is occasioned by the Boko Haram attacks and Fulani herdsmen/farmers clashes, which have impacted negatively on the economy of farmers, as well as occasional insecurity in the Niger Delta. Again he added, “It depends on all Nigerians working very closely with the Police and the military authorities and providing information, so that we can bring all these to an end. A lot is being done by the states and the federal government, but a lot still needs to be done. Until we begin to engage lots of our youths and reduce the level of unemployment, it will be difficult for us to tackle the problem of insecurity challenge in the country.”

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