Nollywood Cult Asked Me To Sacrifice My Son For Fame, Money – Sochi Infiniti

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Riding Nollywood Actor, Ohaebuka Sochi Paschal, aka Sochi Infiniti, has revealed how a cult of Nollywood actors/producers poisoned him after he refused to join them in exchange for his son.

The revelation came after the death of pooulat actor, Junior Pope who died on Wednesday on River Niger after the boat they were riding in capsized

Here is his story pasted on his official Facebook account.

“I was poisoned a month ago in the company of 4 producers/marketers who I declined joining their evil cult in exchange for my last Son’ Life for popularity and money as they said… I have future in the industry and will make it but I need to belong.

“I declined the offer… got to my home, my system changed and a wall gecko fell on my hand… stayed for some time and fell on the floor…I told my wife to get me water and olive oil. I applied and prayed. I told my wife I have been poisoned.

“My Son fell sick… we became so scared. Three weeks ago in the church, I vomited the poison while praying for me at Christ Holy Church Intl. I was delivered by Prince David’s Nwanna who God used to destroy their evil plans.

“After I survived… they all asked me for refunds of the money paid into my account for movie roles. I laughed and said God… this is you working! Few days now! My son is back to his feet. As for me and my family, I shall continue to worship the only true God of Nation Builders Commonwealth

“If I had took up the role of Junior Pope or in that boat… I will probably be in the morgue by now. God! I am grateful and may the lives of those that died on set today Rest in the bosom of the Lord!”

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