Re: Issue Of Former Dunlop Industry Now Turned To Prayer Ground Because Of Lack Of Electricity To Run It

By Odo Ijere

Who are those in charge of producing and generating electricity since time immemorial? 

From NEPA to PHCN to now TCN. It has always been the Fulanis taking charge of this vital infrastructure in Nigeria and unable to run it. They will prefer unskilled, unprofessional personnel so long as they are their brothers to run the institution.

Mediocrity, mendacity, and religiosity takes over policies resulting in decay and ruination. You see, to run a mega electricity infrastructure is hitec and hitec requires intellect and knowledge infrastructure. They do not have it. Acquiring the guns and other weapons of terror cannot be used to create a modern state. Nigeria is in dire need of modernity and only the knowledge infrastructure can help to create it.

The Fulani tribe that is running Nigeria since over 60 years must modernize or phase out. Those who have what it takes to run mega structures and mega institutions must be encouraged to be at the helms to stop further decay and deterioration. Otherwise, we should begin the immediate dissolution of this mendacious contraption to avoid anarchy, and sudden collapse.

To fix 200 million strong population is not a tea party. It goes beyond religious bigotry and ethno-religious considerations. Creating employment for the sea of unemployed requires deliberate strategies and policies only offered in the realm of knowledge. Meritocracy has been thrown overboard by the same narrow tribe that has taken over all vital institutions. It doesn’t work that way at all. The chicken has come home to roost.

Nigerians have taken enough misery already and the bubble is just about bursting. Either we restructure or we dissolve the union. The center can no longer hold together. The signs of a failed state is all over the place now. Nigeria in my mind has literally crossed the proverbial Rubicon.

Ijere, an analyst sent in this opinion to our newsroom

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