Why I Survived Helicopter Crash – Prof. Osinbajo

By Our Reporter
Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has told people in Ekiti State, why God spared his life in the last helicopter crash, which was the second time he came close to death in eight months. He claimed it was because of his desire to serve Nigerians. Recall that the helicopter conveying the Vice-President and his entourage crash-landed in Kabba, Kogi State on Saturday, February 2, 2019. Momentarily Nigeria stood still awaiting the result of the emergency recovery. Luckily no life was lost.

The Vice-President said God spared his life because of his desire to serve Nigerians. He claimed, “God delivered me from the crash because he wants me to work, that is what he called me to do and that is what we will do. Three things Buhari will do include creation of jobs for the youths, this is why we are doing all we are doing. The Lagos -Ibadan railway is coming to Ekiti and it will bring a lot of jobs. You have also heard of the Ado-Ekiti dual carriage way, which we are doing, that will also create jobs,” he said at a campaign rally.

He continued, “The creation of job creation for university graduates was why we established N-Power, these individuals are empowered with computers that are activated with educational materials. Now we are increasing N-Power to 1.5million so as they are completing NYSC they have something to do. We all heard they sold NEPA to different companies in 2015 and some can’t buy meters reasons they are sending estimated billing and can’t provide transformers but Buhari is willing to allow people distribute the power. When this is done there will be light for Nigerians and this is what we will do in next level.”

As is tradition with most developments in the country, an investigation has been launched to ascertain the cause of the accident, despite the claim by Caverton Helicopter owners of the chopper, that the crash was caused by bad weather. But it is left to be seen if the report of that investigation would be made known to Nigerians at the end of the day.

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