FEGOCOWOSA, Lagos Branch Holds Sports Carnival

Federal Government College Warri Old Students Association (FEGOCOWOSA), Lagos branch has unveiled plans to hold the third edition of its Sports Carnival. The event comes up on Saturday September 29, 2018 at the Cricket Oval, Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Onikan in Lagos State.

In a statement made available to the media, Publicity Secretary of the association, Mr. Ihechukwu Ibeji said the sports carnival, which has established itself since inception in 2016 as a driving force that brings together old students of the school and other federal unity schools in an atmosphere of fun, love and sports, rekindling friendly old rivalries also provides a forum for networking and healthy living.

Ibeji said over the years, the event has garnered an average attendance of over 2,000 alumni from different unity schools. Also significant at such gatherings is the fact that free health checks are conducted by medical personnel at the venue who would check out the status of blood sugar levels, blood pressure rates and other health vitals of attendants. This year, the organisers have included awareness and medical check for Cervical Cancer campaign at the venue.

Speaking on the objective of this noble initiative and why it has developed into a premier sports event of note among Federal Unity Schools and their multi-faceted membership, Actress, producer and Author, Lillian Amah-Aluko who is Chairman, FEGOCOWOSA Lagos branch said, “One of the cardinal touch points for this unique event is showcasing unity, love and oneness as a people and as a nation”.

She stated that this is the primary reason why federal unity schools such as FGC Warri was founded, which informed the theme of the sports carnival – Unity in Diversity. Again she said, “The idea behind the sports carnival is not just to bring together old students from our alma mater in the spirit of sportsmanship, unity and comradeship but also to sustain an age long tradition from our school days where Sports was a sign post for excellence and a tool for deepening the Unity and love existing amongst the students who were drawn from all over the country. Over time, this noble idea was extended to other federal unity schools because of the bond that has continued to exist.”

Also speaking about the event, the Chairman, FEGOCOWOSA sports carnival organizing committee, Mr. Andrew Aroy-Ororho added, “We are expecting a greater number of attendees this year as more federal unity schools have been invited and are expected to attend as well as other special guests. Because of this, nothing will be left to chance as all areas covering a suitable venue, adequate security, world class officiating, proper accreditation for participants, visitors and vendors, games for children and other side attractions are being meticulously planned.” He said this year’s edition, which promises to be even more interesting will feature table tennis, football, volleyball, athletics and board games like ayo, chess, scrabble and ludo, just to mention a few.

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