My Advice For Anyone Looking To Lose Weight Is To Not Make It Feel Like A Job – Rick Ross

Rick Ross
For anybody who is overweight and looking for weight loss, American multiple talented, multi-hit music rapper, Mr. Rick Ross is an inspiration. If the big man who weighed 350lbs can crash that massive weight and today turns out all muscle, then you do not have any excuses not to shed those fatty weight that is disturbing you.

A good number of Nigerians and people all over the world who are suffering for weight challenge and how to drop them, Rick Ross has a word for you – he wants you to take the weight loss regime very seriously; like something you love and committed to do. In his words he said, “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job.”

Ross, who weighed 350 lbs. at his highest weight, began losing weight by making small lifestyle changes rather than overhauling his diet and exercise routine all at once. Again he said, “If I quit all the things I loved cold turkey, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways,” he told Men’s Health when they wanted to know how he was able to achieve the feat. Ross said dropping the weight made him feel “a lot better” today than he was when he was carrying the “baggage” all around.

But achieving than did not mean the Ross went to the Jews and requested that they crucify him according to tradition of dealing with criminals – he just did little things right with utmost consistency and commitment. Well, some will ask how simple were those things…In his own words, he said, “I’ve just really been eating a lot better, working out, staying fit and still enjoying myself. I still eat my wings-top, I still go to Checkers for a burger, but as a whole, the late-night steaks, and in the studio it was really easy for me to go crazy from 11p.m to 4 a.m. I just cut that out.”

Today the once-upon-a-time-big-man in the music industry walks around with 6-packs and muscles that have left his global fans impressed because he achieved such a feat in grand style. So if Ross can drop his massive baggage, you do not have any excuse whatsoever to still carry yours around. So hit the gym in style too and send us your before and after photos… would be glad to celebrate you the way we are celebrating Ross in this edition.

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