With Music, Mofe Boyo Promotes The Riches Of Delta State

Musician, Mofe Boyo, reputed for exporting ‘Shaku Shaku’, a trendy music across the world recently embarked on a tour of Delta State, a development her publicists described as an attempt to positively project Delta State. The state elicits a certain negative impression, which makes people think that Delta State is all about Niger-Delta militia groups among other vices. Therefore, the tour was designed by the artiste and her crew to promote the state using music as a launch pad to eradicate all such apprehensions.

But ahead of the trip, Mofe had released a new song titled, Green Delta, which she hopes will enable Deltans appreciate the challenges of climate change and encourage them to key into the philosophy of not solely dependent on crude oil. The strategy is also aimed at boosting agriculture in Delta State since oil is not renewable and remains subject to global political and market forces. The musician is hopeful her endeavours would eventually help reduce environmental hazards such as gas flares and water pollution in the area.

Mofe who spoke further on the significance of her effort added, “Greener Delta was inspired by my first visit across the state. Delta State is rich in oil, livestock and cash-crops but our most valuable asset is human resources. We are also known for being accommodating, industrious and ethical. Aside from naturally being farmers and fishermen, it should be on record that Delta has the best branded local language in Nigeria, which is called Pidgin or Warri (Waffi) language. On a more serious note, I wrote a song to basically showcase the truth about Delta and to also preach oneness amongst the different tribes in the state.”

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